Sooooo I'm sure you've noticed - HudsontoHouston now has a new look and a new home! Long story short... I was having some super annoying technical issues, said screw it, and impulsively decided to switch servers. FYI, I'm totally happy to have switched over to SquareSpace.  

So now you know why we don't have any new recipes today.  In other news, THANKSGIVING is around the corner! AKA my favorite holiday of all time. This weekend = recipe testing! So stay tuned because I'll be updating as I go!

To celebrate the new & improved blog, I am hosting My First Giveaway! 'Tis the season (almost), right? 

First of all, let me just be real for a second - I have insanely talented friends.  And I'm incredibly happy to feature Lilu Cards, a handmade card company run by a friend of mine, Sarah Ludwig - aka: musician by day, card maker by night.

The minute she opened her easy store, I sent her a text asking if she'd be interested in taking part in a blog giveaway.  Her cards are so adorable/glittery/festive, you'll have a hard time sending them to your friends.  There are tons of different cards available, so you'll definitely be able to find the perfect one for your loved ones and friends! 

Make sure you enter because, well, who doesn't like free stuff?


  • You have one week to enter! The giveaway will end 11/29/14!
  • Go visit LiluCards & 'Like' them!
  • Once you've done that, leave a comment below answering the following question:   What is the most non-traditional dish you've had on your Thanksgiving table?
  • Make sure to leave your name and email address! I have to be able to reach you if you win! :D
  • Winner will be chosen at random! Good luck :)